• Professional photographer since 1980.
  • Awarded the Sharet Foundation (American Israeli Cultural Fund) Fine Arts Scholarship for photography (1982).
  • Worked as a fashion and portrait photographer for one of the largest newspapers in Israel.
  • Director of Studio Shoot, specializing in advertising and fashion photography.
  • Completed studies in design specializing in multimedia: processing computerized photographs and computer graphics.
  • Member of the Israel Designer Craftsmen Association.
  • Photographic Process Techniques:
  • Ceramic Sculpture:
  • Images are photographed with a classical or digital camera in the studio or in other environments.
  • Photographs are digitally scanned to computer files.
  • Digital images are processed, creating a work of art that is completely different from the original photograph images.

The Adobe Photoshop software is used for altering digital images and integrating varied photographed details.  Freehand software is used to draw various images that are combined in the creation.

“The works of Daphna Katzor turn a collection of professional photographs from the realms of advertising and journalistic documentary into a unique artistic creation of a different scale and emit fresh messages.” (Ma’ariv, May 2003)

“The works present an illusive reality of relationships combining reality and imagination, fantasy and the everyday.” (N. Levy, Tel Aviv University Museum)

  • Sculpts in ceramics since 1990.

Work Techniques:

  • Works are completely hand sculpted.
  • Generally, works are created from a mass of clay.
  • Occasionally, forms are created using the coil method.
  • Works are painted with engobe underglaze, terra sigallata and various glazes.
  • Sculptures are kiln fired.

“Anointed with a thin layer of surrealism, Daphna Katzor’s works juxtapose the world of dreams and fabrication with a clear, sharp message: The woman/girl standing alone faces the strong, dominant masculine world that desires her and exploits her for its ceremonies and needs…” (C. Givati, Director of Visual Arts, Natanya Cultural Hall)


Tel Aviv University Museum – “Illusions”, solo exhibition of photographic works (November 2002).

Natanya Municipal Gallery – “Earth”, group exhibition, ceramic sculptures (December 2002).

Natanya Cultural Hall, The Hall Gallery – solo exhibition of photographic works and ceramic sculpture as part of the International Woman’s Week Activities (February 2003).

Ramat Gan, HaYahalom Theater – “On the Wings of Sculpting”, ceramic and bronze sculptures (September 2005).

Bat Shlomo, Gallerina – “Portrait and Mask”, group exhibition, ceramic sculptures (August 2007).

Paris, Atelier Z – “Les Artistes Israéliens”, group exhibiton, photographic works, canvas print (May 2008).

Tel Aviv, Asia House – “The Israeli Artists”, group exhibition, photographic works, canvas print (June 2008).

Jaffa, Amiad Centre – “She & He”, group exhibition, photographic works and bronze sculptures (June 2008).

Bat Shlomo, Gallerina – “Ten Plus”, group exhibition, clay sculptures (August 2009).

Doral, Florida, Museum of the Americas – “Women in the Arts 2010”, group exhibition, photographic works (April-May 2010).

Berlin, Germany, Palazzo Italia – the 4th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, group exhibition, photographic works (October 2016), Daphna was selected to exhibit in the biennial after being awarded first prize in the international Primary Colors photography competition held by The Gala Awards, which holds juried competitions for photographers from all around the globe, among which are the Pollux Annual Award and the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers.

Songzhuang, Beijing, Czech China Contemporary Art Museum (CCCAM) – “Songzhuang Photo Biennale” (major part of 10th annual Songzhuang art festival), group exhibition, photographic works (September-October 2017).


Awarded first prize in the international Primary Colors photography competition held by The Gala Awards (June 2015).

Chosen as finalist in the Landscape category and Alternative Processes category of the 8th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2015), held by The Gala Awards.

Awarded second prize in the international 11th edition of the pollux awards alternative-processes photography competition held by The Gala Awards (march 2018).

My work explores change and growth in the contemporary female figure surrounded by a harsh and somewhat hallucinatory reality. The ideas and sensations upon which I base my work are taken from events in my personal life and my day-to-day environment. I use materials which I had gathered during my long-year career as a fashion and portrait photographer in the famous Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv and in the advertising field.

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