Digital Art - Continued

Daphna Katzor-Laszlo’s digital artworks were created by integrating the technique of classic photography, the technique of digital photography, and computer graphics. The photographs which appear in these creations are taken both in a photography studio and in a natural environment; at times planned in advance, and other times random. They are later incorporated into spaces and graphic elements.
which are built using digital means. With the artist’s use of various techniques in one work, the details of the photographs which appear in it are endowed with a new meaning and unique, cutting-edge pieces are created. Daphna’s digital artworks all dwell in the world of surrealism, a fine means to describe her life story. Influenced by processes taking place in the artist’s life and her experiences, the works examine the relationship between the woman figure and the man figure, as well as the woman’s role in contemporary reality. They turn the spotlight on the changes and growth of the female figure of this day.